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Treat yourself to a new book this Valentine's Day! This series of wedding planners breaking all the rules to find their happily ever afters will hit the spot!

Single mom Abby wants to start dating again, and what better way to take that first step, then to sleep with the best man, and slip out in the middle of the night without leaving her number. Until she finds out he's her son's baseball coach.

Forbidden. Sexy. With all the Feels.

★★★★★ "Lea is the Queen of writing a series within a series! We seriously get the best of both worlds…and I’m here for it." - Reading in the Red Room

★★★★★ "An exceptional story! It was deeply moving, heart-wrenching in places yet a beautiful love story, and the chemistry between this couple scorching hot!" - World of Books 65

★★★★★ "This new series from Lea Coll is a page turner! It has it all... Romance, single dad and moms, trust issues, caring about family and love." - Marianne W,

★★★★★ "This romance will give you all the feels. Excellent chemistry, sizzling hot scenes and absolutely amazing characters you will love reading about." - Jacqueline Ellison

As a wedding photographer, I get to witness the magic, the romance, and the fairy tale without getting close enough for it to ever sting me again.

Until Nick.

I broke my number one rule and slept with the best man. How could I resist his sexy good looks and the seductive offer of one night with no strings attached?

Except he broke the rules by asking me to stay. So, I left without leaving a note or my number, sure I'd never see him again.

Until he moves to the same town to take care of his nephew, after his dead-beat dad goes to jail. Suddenly he’s everywhere: the town’s harvest festival, playing arcade games at the pizzeria, and coaching my son’s baseball team

The worst part? I can't get him off my mind. But I won’t allow myself to fall in love again. Instead, I make a new offer: friends-with-benefits. It's the perfect solution. Until I realize he wants more.

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