Ever After Series

While orchestrating the perfect day, these wedding planners find their own happily ever afters. Full of romance, heat, and feel-good emotions.

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Feel My Love

Book 1

As a wedding photographer, I get to witness the magic, the romance, and the fairy tale without getting close enough for it to ever sting me again.


Until Nick.


I broke my number one rule and slept with the best man. How could I resist his sexy good looks and the seductive offer of one night with no strings attached?


Except he broke the rules by asking me to stay. So, I left without leaving a note or my number, sure I'd never see him again.


Until he moves to the same town to take care of his nephew, after his dead-beat dad goes to jail. Suddenly he’s everywhere: the town’s harvest festival, playing arcade games at the pizzeria, and coaching my son’s baseball team


The worst part? I can't get him off my mind. But I won’t allow myself to fall in love again. Instead, I make a new offer: friends-with-benefits. It's the perfect solution. Until I realize he wants more.

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The Way You Are

Book 2

Jake and Lily's story, a grumpy meets sunshine small town romance. Blurb coming soon.

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Love Me Like You Do

Book 3

A friends to lovers small town romance. Blurb coming soon.

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Give Me a Reason

Book 4

A fake relationship small town romance. Blurb coming soon.

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Somebody to Love

Book 5

A small town romance. Blurb coming soon.

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Everything About You

Book 6

Gia and Silas' story, an enemies to lovers romance. Blurb coming soon.