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Ever After Series

Will these wedding planners break every rule in the book to find their happily ever afters?

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Feel My Love
Book 1

Rule No. 1: Don't sleep with the best man.

As a wedding photographer, I get to witness the magic, the romance, and the fairy tale without getting close enough for it to ever sting me again.
Until Nick.
I broke my number one rule and slept with the best man. How could I resist his sexy good looks and the seductive offer of one night with no strings attached?
Except he broke the rules by asking me to stay. So, I left without leaving a note or my number, sure I'd never see him again.
Until he moves to the same town to take care of his nephew, after his dead-beat dad goes to jail. Suddenly he’s everywhere: the town’s harvest festival, playing arcade games at the pizzeria, and coaching my son’s baseball team
The worst part? I can't get him off my mind. But I won’t allow myself to fall in love again. Instead, I make a new offer: friends-with-benefits. It's the perfect solution. Until I realize he wants more.

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The Way You Are
Book 2

Rule No. 2: Don't sleep with the grumpy mechanic.

​​​​​​​I thrive on taking a few ordinary flowers and turning them into something breath-taking. But no matter how reliable my talent or sunny my personality is, my delivery van isn’t. It has a habit of letting me down at the last minute leaving me no choice but to call for help. 

When the grumpy, sexy as all get-out mechanic finally offers some assistance, I also show him my grandfather’s prized muscle car, hoping he can restore it. After one hot night on the hood, ignoring my attraction to him is impossible. I know how he tastes, how he makes me feel. 

Jake makes my blood sing on every level. Add to that a good dose of attitude and a body to die for. He's also a bad boy with a past. A fixer-upper. 

Except the only thing I have time to fix up right now is the farm I’m renovating to become a wedding venue. Or maybe he's worth the risk after all.

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Love Me Like You Do
Book 3

Rule No. 3: Don't sleep with your best friend.

When my best friend asked me to be his fake girlfriend in order to pursue custody of his daughter, I didn’t hesitate to help out.

Living together, sharing his bed, and waking up in his arms, quickly rekindle the long-forgotten childhood crush I once had on him. Only, Harrison isn’t a child anymore, and neither am I. I can’t ignore his charm, the way I feel in his arms, or how amazing he is with his daughter. The attraction is undeniable and so are the feelings that are growing faster than I can acknowledge them.

We pretend to be the perfect family to keep up appearances. Town festivals, family gatherings, and mundane every day tasks take on a whole new meaning. I remind myself daily that our relationship isn’t real, until he proposes with his grandmother’s ring.

Harrison is determined to prove to me that the fairy-tales are real, but I know from experience happy ever afters don’t exist.

How long before this happy ever after falls apart and I’m left searching for my glass slipper?

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Give Me a Reason
Book 4

Rule No. 4: Don't sleep with your best friend's brother.

Finn Evans is such a cynic.

How can he not believe in love and marriage but still be a musician for weddings?

I may be a hopeless romantic, but at least I believe in love—which makes being a wedding planner at Happily Ever Afters a dream job for me.

Finn and I clash about everything—except our undeniable attraction to each other.

After one brief encounter on a hotel rooftop, we agree to a no-strings-attached fling. But with each day that passes, I fall more in love with him and his little girl, Paisley.

The only problem is, our boss has a rule: No sleeping with coworkers or wedding guests.

As the newest wedding planner, I can’t afford to lose my job, and, unlike Finn, I don’t have a trust fund to fall back on. Not to mention, Finn’s sister, Ireland, is my best friend, roommate, and fellow coworker.

But when Ireland catches us together at a wedding, everything comes crashing down.

Not only am I about to lose my job and my home, but I may just lose my chance at a forever kind of love.

Somebody to love.png

Rule No. 5: Don't sleep with your best friend's brother.

My best friend, Gia, has a rule for her employees and her friends: No dating her brothers.

But Leo Giovanni is the guy I’d secretly crushed on since high school—who also happens to be Gia’s eldest brother.

The Giovannis are the family I never had, and I refuse to do anything to mess that up.

Leo has always had a special relationship with my daughter, but when he starts coming around more, taking us out on dates, building Evie a playhouse, and whispering sweet Italian words to me, I find myself lowering the walls I’d erected around my heart.

He says all the right words and has made it clear he wants both Evie and me, knowing we come as a packaged deal. The only problem is, he wants to keep our relationship a secret.

His parents want him to marry a nice Italian girl, and his sister—my best friend and employer—would feel betrayed if she ever found out. Not to mention, the expansion of his family’s restaurant hinges on his parents’ approval.

We both have a lot on the line if this goes south, but I refuse to be anybody’s dirty little secret.


How can we make a relationship last when everything is so stacked against us?

Somebody to Love
Book 5
everything about you.png
Everything About You
Book 6

Rule No. 6: Don't sleep with your brother's best friend.

Silas Sharpe is enemy number one—my biggest competitor and my brothers’ best friend.

Seeing an opportunity to “spy” on the offerings at Chesapeake Resort under the guise of attending a “friend’s” wedding, I took it, dragging my best friend and my brother with me.

When Silas cornered me in a utility closet during the wedding reception, I finally succumbed to the years of pent-up frustration and hate, giving in to my baser instincts.

This was supposed to be a onetime thing, but in true Silas Sharpe fashion, he refused to give up until he had the one thing that had eluded him for years—me.

He played the game well, offering me a chance to plan a high-end wedding at his resort—something I’d always wanted. But I refused to trust in the relationship growing between us, knowing that, as my competitor, Silas would capitalize on any moment of weakness, leaving me to pick up the pieces.

As time went on, Silas showed me that I could relinquish a little of the control I’d held on to for so long. That there was more to life than just work.

But what happens if I let go?

If I’m not careful, I’ll lose more than just my business to Silas. I’ll lose myself, too.

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