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The Monroe Brothers Series

Welcome to Monroe Christmas Tree Farm
where it's Christmas all year long... 

Runaway Love.shadow.png
Runaway Love
Book 1

A dream wedding, a bride with cold feet, and the mountain man that comes to her rescue.

When I started planning my dream wedding at a Christmas tree farm, I never thought that, on my wedding day, I would literally bolt from my wedding.

I run through the Christmas tree farm until I find my favorite spot, which is where Emmett Monroe finds me, still in my wedding dress. The grumpy mountain man offers me a much-needed respite from the chaos, inviting me into his cabin to "hide out" until all the wedding guests leave. But I never think that we will get stuck together for days in the one-bed cabin during a major snowstorm, completely cut off from the outside world.

We go sledding and build snowmen, and he even takes me to cut down a Christmas tree for his cabin—something I've never done in my entire life. It's magical, like time is suspended.

I fall hard and fast for him, but when the snow stops and the roads have been cleared, we have no choice but to return to reality. I need to deal with the fallout from my failed wedding, and if I want the head wedding planner position my boss offers me, I have to convince Emmett and his family to allow more holiday weddings to be held on his farm.

Emmett is adamantly against it, and our relationship only complicates things. If I don't push this, I might lose my job, but if I do, I might lose the only man I've ever truly loved.

Will I finally get my Christmas wish and get everything I've ever wanted? Or will this go down as one of the worst holiday seasons on record?

Finding Sunshine
Book 2

A rugged mountain man was the last thing I’d tick off on my Christmas checklist. 

As a single mother I’m used to counting only on myself. Imagine my surprise when I arrive home to find my porch decorated with holiday lights. I didn’t expect Knox’s kindness, or the way he makes my heart skip a beat. He’s handsome, sexy, sweet, and attentive; everything I want under my Christmas tree. 

I’m 100% focused on my daughter, I don’t have time for socializing, dating, or falling for a grumpy mountain man whose family owns a Christmas Tree Farm. But Knox is constantly there, offering support and friendship and unknowingly reminding me that I’m still a hot-blooded woman and not just a mother.

Because Christmas is his job, Knox has completely lost his Christmas spirit, but in return for his generosity, I’m determined to help him find it once more.

From cutting down a Christmas tree for my home and decorating it with my daughter, to including us in his family’s Christmas celebrations, I’m soon drawn into the magical spell of a Christmas romance. This year, Christmas seems to have brought us both some unexpected surprises. He adores my daughter, and she adores him, just like I do.

Every day I fall a little more in love with Knox, his family, and their farm. But Knox’s priority is his family and the Christmas tree farm. Can he ever put me first? 


Will the magic disappear after the holidays, or will this love last forever?

Reviving Hearts
Book 3

This Christmas, I’d better not fall in love with my brother’s best friend… again.

A long time ago I fell in love with my brother’s best friend, Heath. We kept our relationship a secret, knowing my brother would never approve. I had faith that in time we would come clean and declare our love to the world, but Heath broke things off before that could ever happen. I fled from my hometown and vowed never to return.

Now I’ve inherited my grandmother’s Inn and I have no choice but to go back. It’s not as simple as just selling the property, it needs to be renovated first. When the realtor said he knew just the guy, I never suspected it would be Heath. The moment he steps back into my life, I can’t deny that the attraction is even greater than it was all those years ago.  

While renovating the Inn, Heath is determined to remind me of everything I loved about my grandmother’s property and his family’s Christmas tree farm. Nothing has ever felt more like home, than when I’m with Heath. Could these feelings be real or is it the magic of the holidays fooling me into falling in love with Heath again?

Trusting Forever
Book 4

This Christmas, I might finally find my way out of the friend-zone and into my best friend’s heart.

Sebastian and I have been best friends forever. He knows everything about me, except that I’ve secretly crushed on him for years. When Sebastian finds himself without a nanny over the holidays, he makes me an offer I can’t refuse. Move into his cabin on the family’s Christmas tree farm and be a nanny to his little girl. 

I’d love to step out of the friend-zone and into his arms, but it’s time I accepted that Sebastian will always look at me as his faithful friend. Determined to change my single status (and tired of the pitying comments from our families), I jump at the opportunity to participate in the Christmas tree farm’s bachelorette auction. I might not find Mr. Forever, but I might just find Mr. Fun-For-The-Holidays instead. 

Imagine my surprise when Sebastian outbids everyone to win a date with me. I would’ve considered it a pity date, until I arrive at the ice-rink covered with fairy lights and enough mistletoe to make even Scrooge a romantic. I’m swept out of the friend-zone and into a hot and steamy night with my best friend.


Just when I’m sure that my Christmas wish has been granted and Sebastian and his daughter start to feel like family, his ex shows up threatening to destroy everything we’ve built.

Will he choose me, or will I be pushed back into the friend-zone? 

Endless Hope.shadow.png
Endless Hope
Book 5

It takes more than endless hope to get to a happily ever after in this small town…

Signing up for the fund-raising bachelorette auction seemed like the right thing to do. Sure, it’d be awkward and embarrassing. But it was for a good cause, right? 

I never thought my high school sweetheart—my first love, my first everything—would bid on me. 

But he did.

Talon is grumpy. Borderline antisocial. Far too sexy for my peace of mind. 

And he wants more than just one date.

I probably should’ve refused. But I couldn’t.  

 Now, spending time with him is making me want things I know we can’t have. Because the truth is that I don’t deserve a second chance.

I don’t deserve him.

All I can do is hope I don’t break his heart—again—when he finally figures that out…    

Forbidden Flame. Shadow.png
Forbidden Flame
Book 6

Why do forbidden flames always seem to burn brightest?

Daphne Calloway is off limits. Our families have been bitter rivals for years. I shouldn’t want her.

But I do.

Which is why I bid on her at the bachelorette auction. Letting some other guy get his hands on her was…unthinkable. 

Then she suggested our date take place in a hot tub and everything got harder. Literally. 

See, as a single mom with a new business, Daphne was in desperate need of a fun, sexy, one-night stand—and I was morethan happy to deliver. That should’ve been the end of it.

Spoiler alert: it wasn’t.

Because now that I know how amazing she truly is, now that I’ve started fantasizing about being there for her and her daughter in a happily-ever-after kind of way, I have a huge problem.

Choosing Daphne could cost me everything I’ve been working so hard for. What remains to be seen is whether any of it will be worth a damn thing if I lose her…

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