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Mountain Haven Series 

Romance steamy enough to melt the Colorado snow comes to the small town of Telluride.

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Infamous Love
Book 1

One reality star bad girl. One small-town vet. And the passion is unforgettable...

Move away. Dye my hair. Change my name. Fly under the radar.
That's my plan to keep the public from recognizing me. I just want to be the new business owner of an old-fashioned barber shop, the ultimate man cave. But all anyone seems to remember is that I'm the bad girl on a popular reality show.

And when, I meet the new sexy veterinarian, his gruff voice and grumpy manner get my blood pumping. His sweet way with animals makes me want to know everything about him.

For the first time in my life, cameras aren’t broadcasting my every move. No producer is telling me what to say or do. No one’s pushing me toward him.

This natural gravitation toward him is the realest thing I’ve ever felt.
But when my past collides with my present, everything comes crashing down around me.

I wish I could just hide, but I can't.

adventurous love.png
Adventurous Love
Book 2

A rugged mountain-man, a city girl, and a fling that will give them the adventure of a lifetime.

I don’t do small town, country living. The hustle and bustle of New York pumps through my veins. Still, when a dear friend invited me to stand up in her wedding, I decided to embrace all Colorado had to offer. I was expecting mountainous terrain and outdoor adventures. Instead, I found myself face to face with the ruggedly handsome Henry Rigby—a lumberjack fantasy come to life. It was supposed to be a short trip. Yet the time we spent together made New York seem farther and farther away...


impulsive love.png
Impulsive Love
Book 3

Will friendship strike out after one night of passion, or will mutual desire make it a home run?

I met the rookie baseball player with piercing blue eyes and a Southern drawl on my first day as a tour guide. Colin Winters was only supposed to be a one-night impulsive indulgence.

Instead, the easy connection between us became an addiction. Colin believed in me when no one else ever had. He encouraged me to take risks and chase my most ambitious dreams. Finally, I was taking charge of my life. Then, two blue lines change everything.

tempting love.png
Tempting Love
Book 4

Accepting a nanny position seemed like a good way to escape my past. To prove I’d changed.


I never counted on Sam, my new boss. He’s trying to run his family’s contracting business and raise his daughter by himself. I want to ignore my attraction to him, but it’s impossible with us living in the same house. Maybe I haven’t come as far as I thought. 


Until a midnight encounter changes everything. I discover he’s protective, caring, and his concern for me is the sexiest thing about him. But he’s also dangerous because he makes me think that anything’s possible. Even a future with him and Maggie. 


Can I take a gamble with him and hope my past doesn’t catch up with the future I’m racing towards?

inescapable love.png
Inescapable Love
Book 5

After being the rebound one too many times, I accepted love wasn’t for me…


Once, I'd been a hopeless romantic. But getting tossed aside time and time again made me jaded. Happily ever after wasn't for me. Instead, I focused on being my niece's favorite uncle. It was enough. 

Until Natalie and her daughter. 

Recently divorced, she’s determined to open a bed and breakfast and hires me to renovate it. I should be focused on the job, but instead I’m distracted by the undeniable attraction between us. 

When a late-night water leak brings me face-to-face with Natalie wearing nothing but barely-there wet lingerie, I can’t ignore my desires any longer. She and her daughter remind me of the family I'd always wanted but had given up on. 

Is this relationship the real thing I’ve always dreamed of, or am I once again a rebound?

forbidden lovetempting love.png
Forbidden Love
Book 6

Tyler Fletcher was the star of every one of my teenage fantasies. And I was the forbidden fruit.

The younger sister to four older brothers, I was off-limits to every guy in town—especially my brothers’ best friend.

After finding ourselves alone in the same room when I was eighteen, Tyler and I had one brief, passionate encounter. But he disappeared without a word in the middle of the night.

Desperate to get out of my brothers’ shadows, and away from Tyler, I fled to Paris.

But after losing my job at a luxury hotel there, I found myself in the one place I swore I would never live—back home in Telluride.

At a fundraising event at my family’s ski resort, Tyler approached me with an offer to partner together to raise money for charity. Desperate to find my footing and prove to my father that I deserved a position in his company, I agreed to Tyler’s proposition.

Our task was simple: Construct dugouts for local softball teams.

Instead, our shared moments were filled with stolen kisses in the outfield, surrendering to the undeniable spark between us.

My recklessness won’t impress my father, and if he doesn’t give me the job, there will be nothing for me here. For Tyler, leaving his family and business isn’t an option.

We’re treading a dangerous line, but what happens if it blows up in my face?

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