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The Calloway Series

Cross My Heart (1).png
Cross My Heart
Book 1

I broke my promise to her once. I won’t make that mistake again. Cross my heart…

Fiona was my first love. She was everything to me.  And I broke her heart.

But that was a long time ago. Now, my military career is over. I’m back in our small town, running my family’s inn, hoping for a second chance with the one that got away.

Too bad Fiona no longer believes in second chances. Or love.

Getting snowed in together only made everything more complicated. Because our chemistry?

Hotter than ever.

I’m falling deeper in love with her by the day, and I have no idea where she stands.

I have one last shot to win back the love of my life, to prove to her that I’m in this for the happily ever after.

All I have to do is not screw it all up. Again…

Every Beat of my Heart.png
Every Beat of My Heart
Book 2

Wanting her with every beat of my heart doesn’t necessarily mean we’re destined for happily ever after… 

I never really cared that everyone saw me as nothing more than the charming Calloway—the one who refused to grow up. 

Until I met her

Claire is sexy. Smart. Put together in a way I’ll probably never be. 

She’s also the single mom of one of my students, which means a relationship with her is strictly forbidden. 

Too bad that wasn’t enough to keep her off my mind. Or out of my bed. 

Now, the more time I spend time with her, the more I realize I’m in over my head. Falling for her is way too easy. 

The hard part will be convincing myself—and her—that I might be a forever kind of guy after all…

Close to my Heart.png
Close to My Heart
Book 3

She stands to lose everything and he'll do anything he can to protect her.

Wes and Sutton's story- A friends to lovers marriage of convenience romance.

Follow my Heart.png
Follow My Heart
Book 4

Ryder and Violet's story - a single dad second chance at love romance.

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All my Heart.png
All My Heart
Book 5

Axel's story - a military grumpy meets sunshine romance.

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Fire in my Heart.png
Fire in My Heart
Book 6

Teddy & Charlotte’s story - a grumpy meets sunshine romance.

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