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Second Chance Harbor

These shop owners on Main Street are
looking for a second chance at love. 
Fighting Chance shadow.png
Fighting Chance
Book 1

He was all business until he fell head over tool belt for the sexy, single mom.

I’m not bitter that Savannah St. James rejected me in high school. It's her cluttered storefront I have a problem with. Still, it’s hard to stay mad at her when she’s more beautiful than I remember and her son keeps finding new ways to sneak over to my hardware store every chance he gets. 

While I admit he needs a male figure in his life, I’m the wrong guy for the job. Despite my reluctance, the little guy brings us together even as our pasts keep us apart. I’m falling deeper for this woman, and the more I get to know Savannah, the more I realize I misjudged her.

What if I’ve been wrong this whole time? Can we find a second chance after a rocky beginning? 

One More Chance with shadow.png
One More Chance
Book 2

Unlikely friends. An undeniable attraction.

Telling everyone my best friend, Max, and I are dating was a panic move. But when my younger sister announced her engagement, I knew my parents were going to crank up the pressure cooker to see me settle down.

We were polar opposites. A tattooed bar owner and a straight-laced math teacher. Who’d actually believe it? I knew he’d play along, though.

The plan was simple. Fake date through all the wedding festivities, then stage a break-up. We were so close to pulling it off. That is, until the chemistry between us felt all too real.

To save our friendship, I tried to ignore the magnetic pull. Every thought betrayed me. He made me happier than I ever dreamed possible. If only I knew he felt the same way.


Lucky Chance
Book 3

He's grumpy and I radiate sunshine. But I can't get him out of my head. 

Colton Castle and I are nothing alike. He's a gruff police officer who only seems to see the worst in people. I'm the free spirit who believes there's good in everyone.


When there’s trouble in my neighborhood, he’s everywhere I turn, looking sexy in his uniform. I start to see a different side of him. He's protective and caring. And makes my heart race.


There's a problem: he's my sister's ex, which means he's completely off limits. He seems just as determined as me to ignore the connection. Yet the back-and-forth banter between us feels a lot like foreplay, and I’ve become addicted to the rush.


Except I want love and a family. Why am I drawn to someone who doesn't want the same thing?

My Best Chance
Book 4

I’ve turned the page on my past and I’m starting over – but will I ever be good enough for the one woman I can’t resist?

I’ve put my rebellious years behind me and I’m finally doing something I can be proud of. Opening a garage with my best friend has given me a fresh start. One that came with an unexpected attraction to my best-friend’s sister.

She’s turned into a beautiful and independent business owner. Her success and determination attracts me just as much as her smile and her sweet personality captivates me.

But her brother warned her against guys like me. I'm not sure I can resist the attraction when I know I'm not good enough for her.
II'm not sure I can resist action even though I know I'm not good enough for her.'m not sure I can resist My ex sent my son to live with me. I need to be a role model, but how do I do that when I was just like him?

I thought I was looking to the future, but now I’m haunted by my bad boy past.
How can I stop my son from repeating my mistakes or be the man Hailey deserves?

Can I step up and be the man I need to be, or will I fail them both?


Worth a Chance
Book 5


We were always in competition from the time we were in kindergarten. Who could run the fastest, who got the highest grade? When I found out my childhood nemesis, Cole Finnegan was opening a coffee shop around the corner from mine, I had to wonder if our small town was big enough for both of us.


A Chance at Forever
Book 6

I left my high school sweetheart, Sophie Hendrix, behind when I enlisted after graduation. We were too young to get married back then, but we kept in touch with the occasional letter. Now I’m back in our hometown, and she’s as sweet as her bakery. Is it too late for a second chance?