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One More Chance

Second Chance Harbor Series, Book 2

Unlikely friends. An undeniable attraction.

Telling everyone my best friend, Max, and I are dating was a panic move. But when my younger sister announced her engagement, I knew my parents were going to crank up the pressure cooker to see me settle down.

We were polar opposites. A tattooed bar owner and a straight-laced math teacher. Who’d actually believe it? I knew he’d play along, though.

The plan was simple. Fake date through all the wedding festivities, then stage a break-up. We were so close to pulling it off. That is, until the chemistry between us felt all too real.

To save our friendship, I tried to ignore the magnetic pull. Every thought betrayed me. He made me happier than I ever dreamed possible. If only I knew he felt the same way.


+ Excerpt +

He lowered his head slightly, his eyes darkening with heat. “I was thinking on the way over here that we need to convince everyone we’re the real deal.”

Suddenly warm, I asked shakily. “What were you thinking?” 

My breathing picked up as one of his hand’s moved to my hip, gripping it, pulling me against him. The feel of his hard body pressed against mine, sent heat racing through my blood. 

His other hand cupped my head, and everything faded away, the room, the engagement party, the fact that wasn’t real.

He angled my head; the initial touch of his lips was tentative as if he was asking my permission to go further. 

My lips parted as if were the most natural thing in the world, and he deepened the kiss. My nipples chafed against his suit, aching to feel his bare chest against mine. His hand moved from my hip, ghosting over my ass, causing me to gasp in surprise.

I’d never had a first kiss quite like this. Was it that we’d knew each other so well?

The kiss quickly went from exploring to a devouring, a claiming. He was staking a claim to my lips, my mouth, my body.

My core clenched with need. My fingers curled into the lapel of his jacket, holding him tight to prevent him from backing away.

He wasn’t my friend anymore. He was this hot specimen of a man I wanted to push down on the couch so I could straddle him, feel his erection between my legs. I wanted to forget the past, and focus on the present. 

His lips trailed over my jawline, down my neck to the sensitive spot behind my ear, and my bare shoulder. He paused, placing one last kiss on my shoulder before pulling back.

His eyelids were heavy with lust. “Was that convincing enough?”


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