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You want this?

Heat from his body seared my back as he pushed me up against the wall. His hand gripped my hair, the aggressive move causing me to shiver in anticipation. The weight of his body against mine was solid and real. His erection pressed against me, and my ass pressed into his crotch, making him groan.

“You want this, don’t you, Ashley?” he asked in a low voice as he tugged on my hair, forcing my head to tilt back.

Fuck, yes.

His grip tightened on my hair. “Say it. Say you want me.” His barely restrained lust triggered heat to curl in my body.

His other hand went to my stomach, pushing me tighter to him, but my pussy ached for his hand to move lower. “Yes, yes, I want you.” I wanted to tell him to, but I had a feeling he’d stop if I gave him an order.

His hand slipped under my shirt and the sensation of his bare skin on mine felt amazing. His fingers inched down and slipped under my panties. “Fuck, you’re so hot. I knew you would be.”

I heard a buzzing and I groaned as I slowly came awake, checking my phone to see a message from Kristen about lunch later today. I put the phone down and closed my eyes to remember the delicious dream, which was the hottest sexual encounter I’d ever experienced. I wasn’t ready for reality. I moved my hand down my stomach into my panties, which were soaked. I slowly circled my clit as I remembered the feel of him pressed against me. Using more pressure, I tried to mimic how it would feel if it were his fingers, slipping a finger inside me as I moaned.

I imagined his hand cupping me, I whimpered as his other hand squeezed my breast, and his thumb brushed my nipple. My fingers furiously rubbed my clit until I came hard. I laid there for a few seconds enjoying the feeling before reality set in.

I’d dreamt of Logan—I’d know that voice anywhere. It was low and gravely. Everything about that dream was hot—his voice, the dirty words, the intensity. Too bad I would only ever experience that in a dream.

Somehow I knew Logan would be like that in real life. After last night’s debacle, he was probably pissed at me, but all I wanted to do was feel his bare skin on mine, his fingers in me, and his cock—

What was I thinking? This man turned me inside out. I was drawn to him, yet annoyed with the way he treated other women. This was the man I was competing with for a job—the one who’d stop at nothing to get it. And I would stop at nothing to get it. Men were not in the equation right now. Hadn’t I seen my parents fight over my mom’s sacrifice of her career enough? I knew what happened when a guy came between a woman and her career. I’d regret it just like my mom did.

Even if he didn’t interfere with my plans, men could hurt you. I couldn’t forget what Greg had done either. Maybe I’d have time for a man after my job was settled and I was on track to become partner. It wouldn’t be easy, but Jillian was married and had children. I would marry a man who was safe and trustworthy—one whose past girlfriends wouldn’t pop up. I closed my eyes and stretched, thinking about the dream. Dream-Logan was hot.

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