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Burn for Me

All I Want Series, Book 3

My future is on the line but I’ve got Logan on my mind.

I’ve worked for this promotion for years.
I’m determined to get it, and I won’t let anyone or anything stand in my way.
Not even Logan Grey.
His irresistible charm, sex appeal and cocky grin won’t distract me from my goal.

There’s just one problem, I want Logan too.
We used to argue against each other in court,
Although it felt more like a mating dance at the time.
Now he’s in my firm, fighting for my promotion.

We’re both stubborn, both fighting for what we want.
I’m playing with fire and enjoying every second.
The question is – which one of us are going to get burned?


+ Excerpt +


When we’d finished with my last case, I asked the judge to be dismissed and turned on my heel to leave, only making it a few feet before Logan stopped me short with a hand at my elbow. My breath caught as I felt his mouth at the shell of my ear. It wasn’t uncommon for attorneys to have whispered conversations during and after a case to discuss details, but this felt more intimate. When he got close to me, all I could think about was him getting closer, touching me, kissing me. I’d never felt a stronger pull to someone.

 “May the best man win this afternoon.” My head shot up at his emphasis on the word man, in time to see him wink at me. 

Pulling my arm from his grip, I said, “Oh, she will. Don’t you worry.” I could feel his eyes on my hips as I put an extra sway into my step, walking out. As much as he antagonized me, I swore I saw desire in his eyes.  


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