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You'll never believe this...

After trying so hard to get pregnant and going through IVF treatments, Abby never expected that her husband would walk away the second they brought their miracle baby home. He couldn't handle having a child, so she's been a single mom ever since. Being on her own is fine with Abby because her trust in men was blown.

Then she runs into her one-night stand. Nick moved to town to take care of his nephew...swoon. A man who steps up to the plate, and takes care of a child—he's all in with his nephew and her. How can she resist him?


“I heard some rumors around town about Nick.”

My stomach sunk. “What did you hear?”

Brooke leaned close and lowered her voice, “They’re saying Brody isn’t his son.”

“What?” I racked my brain for any clue I’d missed. “I guess he never said. I just assumed.”

“Apparently, Brody’s his nephew.”

“Where are his parents?”

“No one knows anything about the mom, just that she’s out of the picture. His dad’s in jail. He’s the one responsible for the burglaries around town.”

I leaned forward. “I can’t even process what you’re saying. You’re saying that Nick’s brother is in jail?”

Brooke nodded, looking miserable. “I’m sorry to be the one to tell you. But I thought you should know if Hunter’s going to be spending a lot of time with him.”

“Is that why Ben wants to come to his first practice?”

“Ben’s worried for you, but he would go regardless.”

I couldn’t even feel good about that statement because I was in shock over what she’d said about Brody’s dad. “So he moved here to take care of Brody.”

He was a good guy. He probably wasn’t anything like his brother.

“That’s my understanding. But everyone thinks his dad will go away for a while.”

“So, Nick’s going to raise his nephew?” I asked, thinking out loud.

“Ethan said he’s always stepped in, and he loves him. He ensures he has whatever he needs. Clothes. Sports gear. Money for field trips.”

I leaned my head back. “So, he’s nothing like his brother.”

“Not from what Ethan said. But he’s worried the rest of the community won’t feel the same.”

“I wonder if the other parents know.” When we introduced ourselves, we mentioned where we lived, and not everyone was local.

“I don’t know.”

“Should I be worried?” Nick didn’t seem like a criminal. From what he’d said, he worked in the accounting field, and he seemed smart and reliable.

“Just keep an eye on the situation.”

I’d slept with him knowing nothing about his history, but I hadn’t felt unsafe when I was with him. I’d felt the opposite. Protected. Cared for even.

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When I’m caught in a storm, my childhood friend and crush, Easton rescues me. Now we’re stuck in his house for the night. He’s grown into a scorching hot man who can fill out a suit. I can’t resist his scruff-lined jaw, bulging biceps, and the competitive way he plays cards in front of the fire.

Time hasn’t lessened my attraction to him. It’s only intensified. I’m tempted to give into the impulse to enjoy one night together. Unfortunately, my heart wants more. Should I reveal to him my life-long crush, or will I lose my chance forever?

A midwife returns to her small hometown with a secret. From a bestselling author, a feel-good, sweet romantic comedy involving a midwife with a secret, a hot doctor, and a reunion a long time coming. No shortage of small-town shenanigans, including a matchmaking aunt, and a town far too involved in the outcome of this second-chance, first love romance.

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