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Why are you so jaded?

Even though the sky was overcast, it was the perfect day for a wedding. Remi’s ceremony location required a short walk through the woods, so guests had been advised to wear comfortable shoes. I’d worn wedge heels because I was trying to impress my boss. I hoped she’d see me as a wedding planner and not just an assistant.

I held my tablet tight to my chest as I maneuvered the terrain in my wedge heels. I thought they were practical until I tripped over a branch.

A hand gripped my elbow. “Regretting your shoe choice right about now?” The accompanying chuckle rumbled through my chest, dislodging the thoughts in my head.


We’d come to a stop, his hand on my elbow as he steadied me, his free hand holding his guitar case. He wore a suit and smelled so good that I found myself swaying in his direction.

When I didn’t respond, he cocked a brow. “You okay?”

We usually found every opportunity to snipe at each other, but today, I was overwhelmed by his proximity and the concern that filtered through his voice. When I finally found my voice, it was steady. “I’m fine.”

“You ready for today?” Finn took a step back, his gaze still on me. He usually only played for the receptions, but Remi had asked that he play the guitar for the ceremony too.

“I’m excited for Remi and Colton’s big day.” Then I gazed up at the cloud cover. “I just hope the rain holds out. It would be a shame if we had to move the ceremony to a tent.”

His lips twitched as if he found me amusing. “That would be a shame.”

From his tone and our previous conversations, I doubted he cared where the event was held. We’d gotten into it before over my optimism and his pessimism when it came to love and weddings. He wasn’t as invested in the couples since he only talked to them about song selections. “You’re a cynic.”

He winked at me. “Nothing you don’t already know.”

Irritation flowed through me at his usual cockiness. Refocusing on my job, I picked up my long skirt and continued moving in the direction of the clearing where the ceremony would be held.

Harrison should be setting up the chairs and the arbor. I needed to check to make sure the setup was exactly how Remi and Gia wanted it. Even though Remi was an easygoing bride, Gia had standards she wanted to meet for every wedding.

Finn hurried to keep up with me, his hand hovering under my elbow in case I stumbled again. My heart contracted at the thought. I shouldn’t be attracted to a man who didn’t believe in love and marriage. I’d always believed I’d fall in love one day, get married, and have children. Just the thought filled me with hope and joy.

“You know most couples don’t stay married,” Finn said softly.

I shot him a look. “Not this again.”

“I’m just stating the obvious.”

“Well, these two will.” I usually got a feeling when I met a couple, and these two were ridiculously happy. “Besides, they have a little girl.”

Finn’s eyes flashed with irritation. “Having kids doesn’t up your odds of your relationship working out in the long run.”

I stopped and turned to face him. Crossing my arms over my chest, I considered him. “What happened to you to make you so jaded?”

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Finn Evans is such a cynic.

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Finn and I clash about everything—except our undeniable attraction to each other.

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The only problem is, our boss has a rule: No sleeping with coworkers or wedding guests.

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