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👑 The queen of single parent romance

👑 "Lea is the queen of small town/single parent romance and she’s absolutely smashed this book! -Camilla, Love Romance Books 21

When Camilla wrote in her review for Inescapable Love that I was the queen of small town romance and single parent romance, I was more thrilled about the single parent mention because it's just as much part of my brand as small towns.

Every time my editor reads one of my single parents books she makes a comment that I know how to write single parents and kids. I'm in the midst of parenting with a 11, 9, and 7 year old, and I draw from the experience.

I sell a popular 10 book single dad bundle on my shop, but the truth is that my single mom books sell better. It defies all marketing sense because readers adore single dads but I think there's just something about a man falling for a single mother and her child.

Crazy for You was my best selling book of all-time, and it shares a lot of the same elements as Inescapable Love:

🔥Single Mom 🔥Hot Contractor 🔥Renovates her B&B 🔥Grumpy Meets Sunshine

and Surprise! The couples from these two books meet in Inescapable Love when Natalie and Mac visit Juliana's B&B.

Readers are loving Natalie and Mac just as much as Nolan and Juliana in Crazy for You:

★★★★★ "Mac is the grumpiest of heroes but in an endearing way. Once you get to know him and see his interactions with Maggie (his niece) and Delaney, you can’t help but fall a little bit in love with him. And then I fell completely for him when he stepped up and took Delaney to the Daddy-Daughter dance!" - Judy Ann Loves Books

★★★★★ "Oh Mac, he may just be the sweetest book boyfriend ever!" - Amy, Goodreads Reviewer

★★★★★ "This book ticked all my boxes, I smiled, I swooned, I fell hard and fast but it was the relationship Mac built with little Delaney that took this book to another level!" - Jackie, Goodreads Reviewer

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