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New Release: It's pure magic! You need to read this book!

The highly anticipated enemies to lovers single dad story is finally here!!! I can't wait for you to read Ben and Brooke's rocky journey to love.

★★★★★ "Most definitely worth the read, a single dad, coffee shop rivalry between two people that have been rivals since childhood with lemonade stands and simmering chemistry that you know when ignites it is going to be explosive. The scenes are pure magic!” – World of Books 65

★★★★★ "Worth a Chance offers the full package: humor, sweetness, sexiness, and a flawless emotional build-up that leaves you feeling deeply connected to both characters. Brooke & Ben have a magnetic pull and chemistry that is off the charts when they put their differences aside. I LOVED everything about this book. If you are a fan of enemies to lovers and single parent, then you need to read this book!” – Tara, City Girls Blog

★★★★★ “This series has been the absolute best with its beautiful stories and characters. Each character on a path to discover their true selves. Lea Coll is a pro at telling an inspiring story with relatable characters. You can’t help but fall in love.” Patty, Moonshine Book Blog

★★★★★ "It reminded me of that really good hallmark movies that make you all warm and fuzzy. Their banter started as snarky and sassy but soon turned sweet and passionate. I loved how Lea weaved this story filled with emotion and heart. She’ll keep you entertained till the very last page.” – Jill, Amazon Reviewer

★★★★★ “It ticked all the boxes for me with characters who you cannot help but fall for!” – Erin, Thelma & Louise Book Blog

From childhood nemeses to business rivals, can competition lead to attraction for this unlikely pair? From lemonade stand wars as kids to competing coffee shops as adults, Ben always finds ways to get under my skin. But, no matter how he pushes my buttons, I refuse to let him ruin my business. Of course, there is the matter of his adorable seven-year-old daughter he’s now struggling to raise on his own. I want to keep him in the familiar enemy-zone, but his little girl is melting my heart. Thanks to her, I’m beginning to think there’s more to the single dad than meets the eye. Ben has many layers, and I find myself wanting to unravel them. Is it possible he has a kind heart under that cocky façade? But what if it’s all a trick? Bankrupting my coffee shop, while shattering my heart, would be the ultimate win for him. How can I trust that the attraction between us is real, and not another high-stakes competition?

This series can be read as standalone, but if you like in order, grab the box set on sale for a limited time! This special edition set includes all bonus material, including the prequel and bonus epilogues.

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