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New Release!

A Chance at Forever is live on my shop! I can't wait for you to read Mark and Sophie's story!

Enlisting was one of my life goals, so was marrying my high school sweetheart, Sophie, and escaping our small town. Nothing has ever hurt me more than when she turned down my proposal. I was stupid back then, heartbroken and foolish. A one-night stand was supposed to help me get over Sophie, instead I got the girl pregnant and ruined any chance of Sophie ever looking my way again. For the last few years I’ve focused on being the best father and soldier I could be. Now I’ve done my duty for my country and it’s time to take over raising my daughter, her mother insists it’s my turn. What better place to do it, than in my own hometown? Sophie has moved on and is now a successful bakery owner, but she’s still the woman I could never forget. My daughter is her biggest fan, secretly so am I. With a series of burglaries in town, Sophie is worried her bakery is next. I might not have made the right decisions all those years ago, but this time I’m going to prove to Sophie that I’m the right man for her. A future without her simply isn’t an option.

★★★★★ "Real, honest, flawed want to know. This is a second-chance, single dad, small-town romance with all the feels. The fierce and genuine connection Sophie & Mark shared and the absolute beauty of their friendship provides a rock solid base to build this engaging story off of. Their romance is beautiful and heart tugging. I definitely recommend this book and the series!" - Tara, Goodreads Reviewer

If you buy A Chance at Forever on my shop, you get all bonus scenes, the first 2 chapters of my 2023 Ever After Series' first book, Feel My Love, and a coupon for future purchases.

The Second Chance Harbor Series box set is also on sale for a limited time to celebrate the completion of the series.

My old-enough-to-know-better dad is getting married. Everyone is over the moon for him and his wife-to-be. Me? I want to be happy for them…but I’m struggling. Thank goodness I cajoled Chloe, my longtime pal, to be my plus-one. She’s chill, comfortable, fun, and supportive. She gets me. She’s exactly what I need to get through this tricky event. Now if I could just un-notice how incredible she looks in that fancy dress…

What’s my grown-up Christmas wish this year? For my secret crush on Hunter Callaghan to not be a secret anymore.

Everyone says he’s like a golden retriever, with his happy-go-lucky attitude and friendly personality. But I see something more – I see the vulnerable side he works so hard to cover with a smile and a joke. I see the man I wish I could spend forever with.

My wish seems to be coming true when Hunter reveals that he wants me just as much as I want him.

After my wife died, I never expected to fall in love again, let alone with her much younger sister.

Elle's too young for me, though. Too vibrant and cheerful to be saddled with a grumpy widower and two little kids.

Besides, she's only here for a few months before she moves on to follow her dreams. And there's no way we could be together even if she were staying.

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