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If he demanded I get on my knees, I just might...

“Nothing good will come from you being stubborn.” His tone was stern.

I could almost imagine him promising to do dirty things to me in that same voice. Tingles erupted over my scalp. How could I be reacting like this to a voice?

I was positive he wasn’t having the same sexy thoughts I was.

“I’ll give you a couple of days to see reason.”

“More time won’t make a difference.”

“We’ll see about that.” He hung up. He was never going to let me get the last word.

This wouldn’t be settled today. I knew that. He knew that. So why was he dragging this on? Why did he keep calling me? Unless he enjoyed our back and forth as much as I did.

I liked that idea a little too much. It was too bad he lived in California. I could only imagine what meeting him in person would be like. Would he be tall and muscular? Would he use his size as well as his voice to try and intimidate me? What would he do if I kissed him?

There was something about only talking him over the phone that allowed my imagination and fantasies to run wild.

He used every weapon in his arsenal to counter his opponents. I could never let him know that his voice was my weakness.

If he softened his tone even slightly, and demanded I get on my knees, I just might. It would go against every feminist bone in my body but it made for a great fantasy.

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