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Lost without You

Annapolis Harbor Series, Book 2


Opening a law firm isn't at all what I thought it would be. The landlord is arrogant and irritating. Despite his sexy voice and smooth demeanor, I want to fight him at every turn. Everything with him is a battle--a battle I intend to win. After all, I'm an attorney who never backs down. But when he needs my help, I can't possibly refuse. Who could? Thrown into a role he knows nothing about can't be easy.

Beneath his gruff nature is a broken man who needs to be put back together. The last thing I will ever do is let someone destroy him more.


cheating fiancée and a backstabbing best friend are not the worst of my problems. When my brother dies, I'm thrust into the life of a single parent. In over my head, I'm forced to seek help from the lawyer who fights me every chance she can. Avery Arrington is a smart-mouthed, feisty woman, who can win my case. Powerful, intelligent, and sexy, I want her in ways I've sworn off for good.

But right now, it's all about my nephew. He's my top priority--the only thing that matters. Now, I have to put all of my faith and hope in Avery to save me—save us. I rarely trust anyone. But the truth is, without Avery, I'd be lost.

+ Excerpt +

“I want you.” His hand pressed against my chest, over my rapidly beating heart.

The warmth seeped through my shirt. I wanted to cover his hand with mine, hold it there, until the warmth seeped into my heart.

He pushed his hand against my chest lightly emphasizing his words. “I want you, what’s inside. Not this persona you put on to get closer at the same time you’re pushing me away.”

“I’m not made for that.” I shook my head. I couldn’t even say the words. Intimacy. Closeness. Love.

“You may never have allowed yourself to go there with anyone. When you do, I hope that person is me. I want us to take the next step because you want to be with me, you want to take things deeper, not because it’s a move in a game you play to keep people at a distance.”

“So what now?” I kept my tone light, uncaring. I wouldn’t let this man hurt me, reject me. I never allowed that.

He sighed, removing his hand from my chest. “I wish you’d let me in.”

I almost said I was here. I stayed after you said no, but I didn’t. I was in unchartered territory. I didn’t know how to settle into his arms, resting my head on his chest, soaking up his warmth. Not when he’d said no. I was the problem. It was always me.

“Come here.”

I closed my eyes against the warmth of his voice, his pleading tone. With each soft touch and word, I was softening, wanting more than my solitary existence.

"Please, Avery."


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