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Do you remember the rules?

Remember the rules for the wedding planners of Happily Ever Afters? Number 1: Don't sleep with the best man Number 2: Don't sleep with the grumpy mechanic Book 2, The Way You Are, a grumpy sunshine romance, just came back from the editor who LOVED it. I just had to share an excerpt: "We’re here to build a sustainable business, one that will support our families and us for years to come.” Everyone nodded, clearly on the same page. Gia held up her finger. “That’s why we came up with some rules.” My stomach sank as I remembered the meeting when we’d written down rules for the business. I’d even drunkenly suggested the first rule: Don’t sleep with the best man. At the time, it had seemed silly, and I hadn’t really given it much thought. Until we’d found out our photographer, Abby, had, in fact, slept with the best man, Nick, after our friends’, Savannah and Ethan’s, wedding. It happened before the rules were written, but then, no one thought Gia was serious about enforcing them. I glanced at Abby, whose brow was raised, her cheeks flushed. “It’s not a good look if the wedding planners and vendors are hooking up with the wedding party or guests.” I was sure Abby had been forgiven because she was in a committed relationship with Nick, and somehow, their initial hook-up hadn’t been discovered by any of the gossips in town. Even if the rules were ridiculous, they didn’t affect me. I had very little interaction with the wedding party or the guests. As the florist, my work was completed in the solitude of my shop. Then I transported the arrangements to the wedding venue, finishing before the ceremony and reception began. I only spoke to the bride, groom, and, sometimes, the mother or father of the bride. There was no temptation for me. Unless my van broke down and I called Jake for a tow. My entire body heated, and my heart beat faster as Jake’s image popped into my head. He was exactly the kind of guy I went for. Hard edges, toned muscles, and a growly voice. Read the first chapter in Feel my Love now!

Pre-Order The Way You Are on my shop (releases 3/14) and on retailers (releases 4/11).

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