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A piece of me in every book...

There's a little piece of me in every book. It's no secret that my books are inspired by real life. The best example is Juliana's daughter in Crazy for You, who was diagnosed with Selective Mutism, just like my son.

While writing Lucky Chance, I tried meditation. I don't even remember why, but there are a ton of articles out there saying meditation is amazing for your health and mindset. I downloaded a bunch of apps, found one I liked, and took one of the classes.

There are times when my mind wanders, and it's difficult to find a quiet moment when the kids are home, but I think the practice makes me more mindful and calm.

As I was writing Lucky Chance, I knew meditation would be the perfect addition to Remi's character who owns a juice shop and loves yoga.

I loved the idea of a grumpy police officer encountering this woman who's into meditation. Would he be open to it? What would happen if they tried it together? Scroll down to find out, but warning, it gets steamy.

“Are you feeling okay after what happened today?”

Her brow furrowed. “Not really. I feel off, and I don’t like it.”

“What do you normally do when you feel that way?”

She sighed. “Meditate, do yoga, hang with my friends. Nothing seems to be working, though.”

“Want to try it together?” I knew nothing about those things, but I wanted her to be herself, to feel good again.

She huffed a laugh. “What, meditate?”

“I’m willing to try if it helps.”

“Yeah, okay.” She slipped off the couch, clearing a spot on the rug that covered the hardwood floor to sit. When she was ready, she held out her hand to me. “Come here.”

I wasn’t sure what I was getting into when I took her hand and moved to sit in front of her, our knees touching.

Holding both of my hands, she said, “Close your eyes. We’ll start by turning our attention to our breathing. Breathe in for a count of five, hold for five, and then exhale slowly for a count of five.”

She counted our breaths, and it was easy to fall under the spell of her voice. For five breaths, there was nothing but the sound of her counting and our breathing.

“Now, pay attention to how the breath feels in your nose and the way your stomach moves with it.”

She was quiet for a few seconds, and I tried to focus on what she’d said to do. Each time, my mind wandered. I tried to refocus on the chill of the air in my nose and the rise and fall of my stomach.

When I felt more relaxed, Remi started speaking. “Archangel Michael, I’m ready to receive you. I need your guidance and protection.”

I’d heard of a St. Michael that provides protection to police officers. Some people even wore medallions, swearing it kept them safe in our line of work. I’d never heard of praying to him before.

When she fell silent again, I let my mind drift, remembering the breathing pattern she suggested.

The room seemed to fill with this warm energy; a bright light seemed to glow through my lids. I wanted to open my eyes to see if it was coming from the room, but I didn’t want to lose the feelings settling over me—safety and protection.

A few minutes later, Remi murmured, “Thank you, Michael, for your guidance and protection.” Then, to me, she said, “Slowly open your eyes, and wiggle your toes and fingers.”

I blinked open my eyes, my vision filling with her beautiful blue eyes that, minutes ago, were filled with anxiety but were now filled with relief. “It worked.”

She smiled, dropping my hands to climb into my lap. I hung on to the feeling I had during the meditation. I felt relaxed and calm. On top of me, Remi’s hands fluttered over my face, my hair, and my shoulders.

“That was incredible,” she murmured, kissing me.

I should have pulled away, asking her about what just happened, but I needed her and our connection. It seemed to only grow stronger by sharing in that meditation.

She ground over me, and I stood, her legs wrapping around my waist. I carried her up the steps to my bedroom, laying her gently on the bed.

I felt lighter than before, like I was floating on a raft in the water, not worried about where I was going, but leaving it up to a higher being. It felt like we’d been sitting out in the sun, the warmth surrounding us.

Crawling over her, I kissed her slow and sweet, exploring her mouth, my hands drifting under her shirt, touching the warm skin of her stomach, inching it up until her bra was exposed.

“Tell me you felt it,” Remi said, tugging my shirt up and over my head.

There was a tightness in my chest, a resistance to admitting that the meditation wasn’t as hokey as I’d thought. I had felt something.

To bide some time to think of the right response, I undid my belt, shoving off my pants and briefs, kicking them to the side.

Settling back over her, I brushed her hair out of her face and looked into her eyes. “I felt it. I don’t know how to explain it.”

She licked her lips. “Try.”

I searched for the words to explain what I’d experienced. “The air shimmered. Kind of like I was bouncing slightly. Does that make sense?”

At first, I thought I was light-headed, but I’d never felt anything like that before. I also couldn’t believe I’d been so honest with her.

“When I call on Michael, I feel this energy in the room. Sometimes, I’ll see a blue light.”

“I thought I imagined it.”

She nibbled her lower lip. “Everyone experiences something different. I asked him to protect us.”

“I didn’t know you could ask for what you wanted.”

“You have to be open to it. I didn’t think—” She looked away from me.

Realization came over me. “What, you didn’t think I could do it?”

She shook her head. “You surprised me.”

I kissed her jaw, down her neck, to her shoulder. “I think I surprised myself. I wasn’t sure what I was feeling was real.”

“Trust in yourself. I was right there with you.”

I still felt this shimmering inside, a leftover energy from what we’d shared. “I liked it.”

She smiled, pulling my lips down to hers.

I let go of the worries and stress, the what-ifs, and the never-ending to-do list. It was just me and Remi and this thing between us.

I pulled the lace cup of her bra down, baring her nipple. When I sucked it into my mouth, her fingers tangled into the hair at the base of my neck. She arched into my mouth, her legs coming around my waist.

I moved down her body, pulling her leggings and panties down. Settling between her legs, I parted her folds.

I’d never felt more connected to anyone before. Partly because it was Remi, but I couldn’t discount what we’d just experienced.

Remi sat up on her elbows, watching me under hooded lids.

When I licked her, she fell back onto the bed, her forearm thrown over her eyes, a string of “Oh my gods” falling from her lips.

I wanted her to feel as unhinged as I did. I wanted to make her feel as good. Not just internally, but physically.

I worked her up slowly, keeping an eye on her body language. The way her thighs trembled around my ears, her fingers twisting in the comforter, her head thrown back, and her mouth falling open.

By the time I used my fingers, her hips arched into me, moving in time with my ministrations. As I sucked on her clit, her back arched off the bed, my name falling like a prayer from her lips. Her pussy spasmed around my fingers.

It wasn’t enough. I wanted her slick heat around my cock. When I leaned over her to pull open the drawer of my nightstand, Remi’s hand encircled my wrist.

“Do we need those?”

Surprised, I settled back on my haunches, wanting to make sure I understood her correctly. “I’m clean.”

“Me too. I’m on birth control.”

I tipped my head slightly, considering her. “You want me bare?”

A soft smile came over her face. “Nothing between us.”

My heart stuttered. “I’ve never done that before.”

Something flashed in her eyes, and I wondered if she was thinking about her sister. Not wanting thoughts of her to intrude, I settled over Remi’s body, letting her feel my weight, and my cock slipped through her folds.

Remi sucked my earlobe into her mouth. “That feels so good.”

I teased her until her hips moved in time with mine. The tip of my cock slid inside, and I lost all sense of control. I thrust deep, pushing Remi up the bed.

I tensed, wondering if it was too much.

She shook her head slightly, and my chest filled with emotion. “Don’t hold back.”

Sitting up, I pulled out, then thrust back in, long and deep. I experimented with lifting her hips slightly until Remi was panting beneath me, writhing for more. Assuming I’d hit that magic spot inside her pussy, I kept the position, driving into her, harder and deeper.

“Fuck, Remi. You feel too good.”

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