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Choose Me


Book 1: Choose Me


Choose Me is the first book in the All I Want Series. 

The new public defender in town, Emma, is used to stretching the truth and the law to defend her clients. What she doesn’t expect is being challenged at every turn by police officer, Luke Hudson. 

Luke is stubborn and cocky, but Emma can’t help being attracted to the sexy, protective cop. And Luke can’t get enough of her sassy mouth.

As their relationship heats up, Emma discovers being on the wrong side of the law, never felt so good.

When Luke runs for sheriff, he’ll need to choose between his dream job and taking a chance on love.

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Book 2: Be with Me


I've been friends since Jack Perry protected me from a high school bully but I've always wanted more from the sexy firefighter.

Now Jack’s back in town to save his family’s business and I won't miss another opportunity to make him mine. When Jack stops by my bakery, I notice he’s filled out since high school and I can’t resist his boyish smile and wink.

Too bad my high school bully is my new boss and he’s determined to ruin everything.
I don’t want Jack to protect me and I don’t want to be his friend. But he’s only in town temporarily and everyone always leaves.

It's time to show him I'm all grown up and all I want is for him to be with me.

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Book 3: Burn for Me


Burn for Me is the third book in the All I Want Series.

He’s gorgeous, charming, and irresistible – and he knows it.


We’re in competition for the same job and nothing will stand in my way.

Not his sparkling blue eyes, cocky smirk, or those dimples.


Too bad he didn’t get the message.


He says I’m a challenge he can’t resist.

And I’m playing with fire.


All I want is for him to burn for me.

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Book 4: Trust in Me


Trust in Me is the fourth book in the All I Want Series.

Sexy professor Sawyer Hudson needs me to be his date for a charity dinner. I accept because I need help too.

It’s when he asks me to be his fake girlfriend that things get too real. Who knew he rode a motorcycle, talked dirty, and was hiding all those muscles under his suits? Who knew it was the quiet ones you had to watch out for?

I’ve clearly been dating the wrong guys. But how can I trust him when every guy I’ve ever dated cheated on me?

I’d never date anyone like her. Stella Lewis is too outgoing, too impulsive, and too loud. She’s the life of the party and I can’t talk to women. She’s a journalist searching for her next story and I need to avoid drama until I’m granted tenure.

That was until my boss told me to socialize more if I wanted a promotion. I need a date who can teach me how to schmooze the higher-ups and she's the perfect choice.

I’ll fake date her until I get tenure. After that—all bets are off.


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Lea Coll worked as a trial attorney for over ten years. Now she stays home with her three children, plotting stories while fetching snacks and running them back and forth to activities. She enjoys the freedom of writing romance after years of legal writing. 

She grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania and currently resides in Maryland with her family.

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