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The one who got away...

A Chance at Forever will be here before you know it. It's at the proofreader now and will release one month early on my website. I can't wait for you read this single dad second chance romance!

A Chance at Forever Blurb

Enlisting was one of my life goals, so was marrying my high school sweetheart, Sophie, and escaping our small town. Nothing has ever hurt me more than when she turned down my proposal. I was stupid back then, heartbroken and foolish. A one-night stand was supposed to help me get over Sophie, instead I got the girl pregnant and ruined any chance of Sophie ever looking my way again. For the last few years I’ve focused on being the best father and soldier I could be. Now I’ve done my duty for my country and it’s time to take over raising my daughter, her mother insists it’s my turn. What better place to do it, than in my own hometown? Sophie has moved on and is now a successful bakery owner, but she’s still the woman I could never forget. My daughter is her biggest fan, secretly so am I. With a series of burglaries in town, Sophie is worried her bakery is next. I might not have made the right decisions all those years ago, but this time I’m going to prove to Sophie that I’m the right man for her. A future without her simply isn’t an option.

With the release of A Chance at Forever, the Second Chance Harbor Series will be complete. The 6 book box set is available to pre-order and will release at the same time as A Chance at Forever. If you pre-order the ebook on my website, you'll get 50% off the retail price, and I'll send you the first chapter of A Chance at Forever.

Whenever you purchase one of my books from my website, not only are you supporting me but you'll receive a special edition of the book which isn't available anywhere else. These include all bonus material and exclusive sneak peeks of the next book in the series.

Meet Mark Donovan. Ex-Army sniper. CEO of a multi-billion dollar global empire. Chiseled to the nth degree. And a man I want nothing to do with. I know the type. Dangerous. Sexy. A bad-boy who fills out a Tom Ford suit or pair of Calvin's in equally drool-worthy ways. At his core, The worst kind of heart-breaker. The kind who doesn't even know he did it.

As a romance author, I thought being a jilted bride was my worst nightmare. Turns out, being accused of plagiarizing my idol's latest book is so much worse.

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