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Sneak Peek!

I’d purposely waited a couple of weeks to schedule our private class, hoping my desire for her would wane, but each time I saw her at her shop to pick up Corey felt like foreplay. Just imagining her in that apron she wore and nothing else had me hard.

I adjusted myself right before Hailey walked in. My heart stopped. If I thought lingerie on Hailey was her best look, I was wrong. It was overalls over a white tank top and Converse sneakers. “I’m ready for your lesson.”

Fuck. All the blood drained from my head. Was she talking about sex lessons? How to go down on a guy in a garage? Did she want to feel the bite of the cement under her knees? I’d officially lost it.

She wasn’t asking for sex. She was here to learn how to change a tire.

She placed her phone on the counter and pushed play on some music before turning to face me. Her hair was in a ponytail, pieces escaping around her face. I imagined fisting my hand around the band while she wrapped those shiny lips around my cock. She was hot.

Fuck. This was a terrible idea.

Her hips shimmied to some top forty song as she moved closer to me. Stopping in front of me, she pressed her hand to my chest, the palm pressed flat over my wildly thumping heart. “This was such a great idea. You’re such an amazing teacher.”

Looking down at the gleam in her eyes and the way her hips moved without any conscious thought to the beat, I had to wonder, was she fucking with me? Was this a dream? Would I pinch myself and wake up?

I didn’t want to though. Fuck, hot girl-next-door Hailey was in my garage, her hands on my chest, her hips swaying as she danced seductively.

Who was this seductress? Maybe it was my overactive imagination creating what my subconscious wanted but couldn’t have.

I had the overwhelming urge to cup the back of her head, tip her head to the angle I wanted, and kiss her. She’d be pressed against me, soft against hard, and she’d melt into me. In my dreams, it was perfectly acceptable to push her to her knees in front of me. To hold her head while she sucked on my cock. I was throbbing beneath my zipper.

She looked at me with concern. “Are you okay? I don’t think you’ve said a word since I walked in.”

I huffed out a laugh. “It’s been hard.”

She had no idea. I hoped she didn’t look down because she’d be in for a shock. I stood stock-still, hoping she wouldn’t notice.

“Is this not a good time?” She frowned and looked around the empty garage.

Had I imagined that sexy dance? The promise in her eyes?

She seemed to sense that no one would interrupt us because her hands skimmed over my chest and down my abs. “What goes on after hours? I’ve always wanted to know.”

And sexy Hailey was back.

I cleared my throat, desperately trying to find equilibrium. “I’m not sure what you were expecting, but it’s tame.”

She pouted. “That’s a shame. I was hoping for more.”

More as in crossing the invisible barrier between us, the one that continually reminded me she was my best friend’s sister? She couldn’t possibly mean that.

My jaw clenched. “What exactly were you hoping for?”

She paused then. The confidence she’d worn when she walked in slipping slightly now that I’d put her on the spot.

“Hailey? What do you need?”

I’m the bad boy who will stain his soul to keep her safe.

She’s a runner. Always has least, she’s always run from me. Our history repeats relentlessly. Longing. Secret trysts. Pounding hearts. Fiery stolen kisses. Her retreating back. Now she’s home, hunted by someone sinister.

The lesser of two evils, I’m the unlikely lifeline she reaches for. Becoming her salvation means plunging my hard-won, respectable life into ruin.

But I’ve never had the strength to turn away from her hold on me. I’ve always been hers. She’s always been mine.

Savannah Bryant has run away from me—from us—for the last time.

Noah Wells has a problem. His sister’s best friend is his direct report at the office, and she’s cute, funny, and inescapable. He gets his kicks out of Lauren calling him boss too. But Noah prides himself on being both co-owner of Ives & Wells and… creator of the employee handbook. The handbook that highlights that you shouldn’t fraternize with your employees and most definitely not in a way that involves no clothes.

I was in the middle of the biggest merger of my career when my love life took a nosedive. My now ex-girlfriend wouldn’t leave my apartment, so I moved into my office, only to be caught by my brothers one morning after I’d gone on a bender.

I was put on a two-week forced vacation effective immediately. One week into what was supposed to be peaceful solitude to get my life back on track, I decide to cut my trip short and return to work. Instead, I end up stranded at the airport during the worst snowstorm of the year. That was when I saw her. Mia, my best friend’s sister, all grown up and intoxicatingly beautiful.

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