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One Word. Beautiful. Just Beautiful.

Thank you so much for reading and loving Ryan and Hailey! Reading all of the amazing reviews this week brought tears to me eyes. The words I kept reading were romantic and beautiful. There is no higher praise for a romance book.

Ryan and Hailey's story is romantic and beautiful with plenty of delicious tension. Ryan's the bad guy her brother warned her against, and a newly single dad. He's trying to raise his son who's a little too close to his bad boy ways. A distraction is the last thing he needs, but when these two are forced together, they might just be what each other needs.

★★★★★ "This book was simply beautiful.Their evolving relationship made my heart happy and their touching happily ever after left me with a smile on my face. One word. Beautiful. Just Beautiful." - Judy Ann Loves Books

★★★★★ "This absolutely adorable chosen family will steal your heart! Such an incredibly well done HEA that will have you desperate for another book by this ridiculously talented author! Another smoking hot five star read!" Savannah, Goodreads Rewiewer

★★★★★ ""This book kept me on the tip of my seat... I couldn't put it down because I just had to know how it all played out. What a great HEA! Hailey and Ryan might just be my new favourite couple in this series! " - Jana, Goodreads Reviewer

★★★★★ "I LOOOOVED THIS CHEMISTRY between Hailey and Ryan! It was absolutely palpable and every time they talked to each other I got goose bumps everywhere! THIS STORY WAS EVERYTHING MY ROMANTIC HEART NEEDED!" - Alice, Goodreads Reviewer

★★★★★ "I took my time with book, savoring it instead of finishing it as fast as possible. I loved Hailey and Ryan. This story was so romantic!" Payton, Goodreads Reviewer

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