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New box set sale!

Do you love second chance romance? Did you know the characters in my Second Chance Harbor series are all looking for a second chance at love? Whether he's that childhood crush that you never got up the courage to ask out, your childhood nemesis who fought you at every turn, or your brother's best friend who's all grown up, there's something for everyone.

AND for the first time, all three books are in included in one box set that's 33% off! This set includes bonus content too!

Second Chance Harbor Box Set (Books 1-3 & bonus content)

Fighting Chance (Single Mom/Childhood Crush)

One More Chance (Friends to Lovers/Fake Relationship)

Lucky Chance (Grumpy Meets Sunshine/Sister's Ex)

You can download book 4, My Best Chance, directly from me now, or pre-order it on your favorite retailer and get it on August 9th. It's a brother's best friend, single dad romance.

★★★★★ "I’m so in love with this series. Each book strengthens this community and makes me fall even more in love with this world! The way that Lea tells a story is captivating. I can’t wait for more!" Laura, Goodreads Reviewer

After ten years, a shattered heart, and broken dreams, he’s back. My brother’s best friend and my one true love. Gorgeous, sexy and completely off-limits. Our love was forbidden, searingly hot, and all I’d ever desired. Losing him nearly destroyed me. Seeing him again, I wish I were brave enough to believe what could be. He’s all my traitorous heart desires. Now, he wants a second chance, for him and his beautiful daughter. Watching them together, I yearn for what we could have been.

After a terrible experience, I decided to move back home and help my family run our ranch. I’ve always been a cowgirl at heart, and this is where I belong.

When I start a side job as an architect, Canaan and I get closer. The guy I’ve known most of my life is suddenly luring me in with his playful charm.

He wants to compete against the book boyfriends I read about, and between terrible jokes and his kind heart, I fall for him. But then we’re threatened to become a pile of faded memories.

What could be worse than running into the guy who first broke your heart? Having to be his fake fiancé.

Iona Dell is the "It" actress of Hollywood. That is until a series of flops and a terrible accident has producers rethinking financing anything she touches.

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