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Kissing your brother's best friend is a dangerous game...

Don't you love forbidden romance? And there's nothing more forbidden than your brother's best friend, Ryan. The bad boy who got his girlfriend pregnant at eighteen. When that happened, Hailey let her childhood crush go, but now he's back in town, opening a garage with her brother. He's not so out of reach any more and he's very much single. A business owner, an amazing single dad, and the bad boy your brother told you to stay away from. What could be better?

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“What will you tell Jake?” I asked, still not letting myself get excited about the prospect of spending a weekend with Ryan and Corey.

Ryan chuckled without any humor. “He’s the one who told me to take some time off. So, it worked out.”

I winced. “I don’t want to lie to him anymore.”

Ryan held up his hand. “Give me this weekend, and then we’ll talk to him together.”

“I can do that.” I could give him one more week. It also gave Tiffany more time to make her move. Hopefully, by next week, we’d know more. Either it would be behind us entirely, or we were in for a bumpy few months.

If it was the latter, I might need to take a step back. The anticipation of him leaving was almost too much to bear.

Ryan moved closer, shifting our knees so he cradled mine between his. “I don’t want to talk about my ex or your brother anymore.”

I looked up at him and asked, “What do you want to talk about?”

He lowered his lips until they hovered teasingly over mine. “I don’t want to talk at all.”

Then his lips were on mine, his hand cupping the back of my head to angle me the way he wanted. I opened my mouth, letting his tongue slide in. Our tongues tangled together, and I reveled in the feeling of being with him.

I wanted more nights like this. Surprising Ryan at work with a pie, making out on the waiting room couch, going home and making love to him, spending weekends as a family together at a house on the river. If it could be my future, it would be heaven.

My heart soared at the vision, even as it seemed just out of reach.

He lifted me so that I straddled his legs.

We were playing a dangerous game by not telling my brother about us, but I couldn’t bring myself to care.

I settled on his erection, his hands gliding under my blouse. I wanted him.

When I regained my senses, I pulled back slightly. “We shouldn’t do this here.”

No matter how much I wanted to. We were lucky the first time; we might not be so lucky the next.

He tipped his head to the side. “You’re right. Your place?”

I nodded jerkily as he lifted me until I was on my feet. My place was closer.

I straightened my shirt as he grabbed my hand, practically dragging me out the door. At the last second, he snagged the bakery box. With a wink, he pushed open the door with his back and said, “We might want to eat this in bed later.”

I couldn’t think of anything better than being sated from my orgasms, naked between the sheets while we ate apple pie. I’d worry about the possibility of crumbs and the fallout later.

I sensed Ryan wasn’t the guy I could keep forever. There were just too many obstacles, but I’d enjoy him while I could.

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The investigation draws them together, will office politics tear them apart? For the past two years, my assistant Bethany Colombo has unknowingly been tormenting me. Hiring Bethany to keep my private security company, Pride Security, running smoothly was both the best and worst thing I ever did. There is no question she’s the most reliable and hardworking employee I have. If only she wasn’t wrapped up in such a sweet-smelling, amazing assed, too young for me package.

Did you hear the rumor about the girl from the wrong side of the tracks who intentionally got pregnant with her wealthy boyfriend’s baby?

The one thing that made perfect sense in Ginny Adair’s eighteen years was falling for level-headed Eric Cavanaugh. Growing up wasn’t exactly the same kind of party for her that it was for her boyfriend. While Eric and the other quintuplets ran roughshod over their family’s Texas ranch, Ginny hid from a cruel stepfather with a compulsive gambling habit.

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