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June freebies are here!

Chance Encounter by Lea Coll

It's been years since I last saw Ethan. I never imagined the muscular, tattooed man he'd grow up to be. But no matter how hot he was, I had to resist the temptation he presented. I needed to focus on making my boutique a success for my son and me.

Any desire I felt for him quickly shifted to annoyance as he began targeting my shop. He claimed it was a cluttered eye sore driving customers away from his hardware store. I couldn’t understand why he was so bitter toward me. For the sake of our businesses, and my heart, could we find a way to get along, or would our rivalry turn into an all-out war?

Fully Involved by Amy Kunpp

He's a single dad fighting for custody. Her secret past could jeopardize everything.

Stolen Innocence by Julia Skyes

I was sold like property on the day of my father’s funeral. I’d thought his death would set me free, but I’d never truly understood what it meant to have all my freedoms stripped away. Until that day, I’d been living in a child’s fantasy.

That’s what I am. I can feel emotions and so when I turn eighteen and start to feel this strong pull, I grab my best friend, hop in the car and follow it. It leads me deep into the forest to him.

Mischief Managed by Daniela Romero

A Devils of Sun Valley & Boys of Richland Crossover Story.

Dreams of the Vengeful by Adelaide Forrest

Once upon a time, I had it all. Born heir apparent to one of the Six Families, I was destined for greatness.

Wealth and power were in my blood, and sweet Thalia was one more means to an end.

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