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Has someone ever pulled your pigtails?

Recently, I learned that Annapolis is demolishing one of the parking garages in order to make a bigger one. It will take fourteen months to build it. As an attorney, I spent time in Annapolis' traffic court and I remember the frustration with the limited and sometimes confusing rules regarding parking. That experience sparked the inspiration for Remi and Colton's initial encounters in Lucky Chance.

Colton's the grumpy police officer who enforces the law, and Remi's the sunny store owner, who forgets where she parks her VW Bug. Her clear violation of the parking restrictions in town drive him crazy. He sees her as careless, but when he gets to know her he realizes she's anything but. Do you think giving her parking tickets is the equivalent of a kindergartner pulling a girl's pig tails? Scroll down to find out...

I detoured from my usual morning walk to check on my most prized possession, my Volkswagen Beetle. It was baby blue and represented my personality, light and happy. The bug, I was proud of. The stack of parking tickets under the wipers? Not so much.

I rarely drove it, which was the reason I got so many tickets. I’d park it in a two-hour zone, then promptly forget about moving it until I checked on it a few days later. Frankly, I was lucky it hadn’t been towed.

Groaning, I placed my coffee on the hood. Grabbing the tickets, I rifled through the stack to see Colton’s name on most of them.

“You like getting parking tickets?”

I jumped, my hand going over my heart. Seeing Colton standing a few feet away, I said, “Jesus. You scared me.”

“You should be more aware of your surroundings.”

“Nothing happens in the morning.” I cringed, knowing he’d think that was a naïve thing to say.

He raised a brow.

“Are you worried about me or where I park my car?” I stuffed the parking tickets in my oversize purse and swiped my coffee cup from the hood, heading in the direction of my store with none of the peace I usually felt in the morning.

Colton fell in step with me. “Both. Everything.”

“You know, you could just look the other way, or leave me alone.” I was talking about my car.

“I can’t ignore blatant violations of parking restrictions.”

I snorted. “You’re aware that parking is nuts around here, right?”

The signs change daily or have tarps over them. There was constant construction going on, which meant a change in parking. Plus, parking was limited. Some spots were reserved for residents.

“Not for those who are attentive and conscientious,” Colton said.

I stopped to face him on the sidewalk. “I spend a lot of time in traffic court, and there are a lot of confused people in Annapolis.”

“I think it’s less about confusion and more about paying attention to the signs.”

I groaned, walking faster toward my shop, hoping he’d leave me alone.

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