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First time free!

My bestselling book, Crazy for You, is FREE for the first time ever!

She’s living her dream, his job is to make it come true – but can one renovation change the future?

The job was to renovate a bed and breakfast, not to fall head over tool belt for the sexy proprietor and single mom. Juliana Breslin is sassy, witty, determined and has the two most amazing twin daughters. Two girls that have wrapped their way around all my fingers.

The only problem is -I don’t do relationships and I don’t like being tied down. She’s stubborn and feisty and it doesn’t make sense at all. My defenses were firmly in place but Juliana and her daughters have scaled the walls and landed firmly in my heart. I’ll do anything for Juliana and her girls, except for being the man in her life.

Free on all retailers for a limited time!

Or you can grab the 6 book series 50% off!

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