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Early Release!

I'm releasing my latest single dad romance, Love Me Like You Do early on my shop! This one is a friends to lovers/fake relationship romance, my favorite combination.

★★★★★ "Ladies/Gents, watch out... there's a new Prince Charming in town! Harrison and Everly's story is absolutely heartwarming and gives you all the ooh and aah moments of a true Disney Fairytale! Except this Fairytale has some spice ! Don't miss this HEA!" - Jana, Goodreads Reviewer

Don't sleep with your best friend. When my best friend asked me to be his fake girlfriend in order to pursue custody of his daughter, I didn’t hesitate to help out. Living together, sharing his bed, and waking up in his arms, quickly rekindle the long-forgotten childhood crush I once had on him. Only, Harrison isn’t a child anymore, and neither am I. I can’t ignore his charm, the way I feel in his arms, or how amazing he is with his daughter. The attraction is undeniable and so are the feelings that are growing faster than I can acknowledge them. We pretend to be the perfect family to keep up appearances. Town festivals, family gatherings, and mundane every day tasks take on a whole new meaning. I remind myself daily that our relationship isn’t real, until he proposes with his grandmother’s ring. Harrison is determined to prove to me that the fairy-tales are real, but I know from experience happy ever afters don’t exist. How long before this happy ever after falls apart and I’m left searching for my glass slipper?

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