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Don't you love a hero with a secret?

Have you ever met a professional athlete who wasn't cocky? Who had a secret that made him vulnerable? Are you feeling all squishy inside?

Meet Reid Everson.

Can love survive a secret or will it be the ultimate interception? Tackles and field goals are my comfort zone. Unfortunately, as captain of the football team, my responsibilities don't end there. As much as I hate it, publicity is a must. If I have to do it, at least it’s for a worthy charity. Guiding me every step of the way is the breathtaking Dylan Gannon. She’s gorgeous, charismatic, and always gets what she wants. By some miracle, what she wants is me. Working closely together, I find myself falling for her. Dylan wants me to break me out of my shell and thrust me more in the public eye. But I have a secret. One I've kept hidden for years that could change everything. Keeping it buried could fumble our happy ending, but how can I trust her with my truth and my heart?

★★★★★ "Dylan & Reid are HOT! I LOVED everything about this book. This was an epic love story that will make you laugh, cry & swoon!" - Tara, Goodreads Reviewer ★★★★★ "Lea Coll absolutely killed it with Perfect for You. Gah, I can't word how fantastic this book is. It's sweet, it's sexy, it's heartwarming, it hits you in the feels, it's so well written you end up devouring it because how in the actual heck could anyone expect you to be able to put it down. Perfect for you is what romance lover dreams are made of. I've been hooked on this series since the first book and with each one it get better and better." - Britt the Hatters Book Blog

Enjoy reading Perfect for You.

Still need convincing? Read an excerpt...

“Ms. Gannon?” asked a familiar gravelly voice.

I rose from my chair, taking in the way Reid’s thighs strained against his suit pants, his trim waist, broad shoulders, and his dark hair. His chin held a delicious amount of scruff though his brown eyes were wary.

I’d seen pictures of him in uniform, even the head shot they used for games. I wasn’t prepared to see the man in a suit. My heart picked up, pounding in my chest, roaring in my ears.

He stopped in front of me, his eyes flickering down my body to the red evening gown which I knew clung to every curve. I licked my suddenly dry lips, my head light at his proximity and his impressive size.

“Nice to meet you.” I held out my hand as if he was a potential business associate even though the tumbling of my stomach indicated attraction.

His large hand closed firmly around mine, engulfing me with warmth and strength, sending tingles up my elbow.

When he released me, I cleared my throat, moving to sit as he pushed the chair underneath me, smoothing my evening gown over my legs to quell my sudden nerves. My plans to pitch Kids Speak flew out my head. This felt like a date with a man I very much wanted to impress.

I was adept at social interactions, speaking engagements, and charming anyone in a room. Meeting him unsettled me.

He sat across from me, his large body filling my view. His leg brushed mine under the table, his steady gaze meeting mine. “You won a date with me.”

“I did.” My lips curled into a smile when he moved his leg so it wasn’t touching mine anymore. Was he as affected as I was?

His brow raised. “Am I what you expected?”

I wanted to say something witty and funny, but I couldn’t. My gaze fell to the tablecloth covered table between us. I’d called the front office to request him. I couldn’t tell him that.

I lifted my eyes, attempting to infuse my voice with a teasing tone. Instead, I sounded breathless. “You’re more than what I expected.”

He regarded me for so long I shifted in my seat. Had I admitted too much?

“You love football?”

I hated to admit I didn’t, especially when I needed his help. I placed my elbows on the table, leaning toward him. “I don’t. I’m embarrassed to say I don’t know much about it.”

His eyes dropped to my cleavage. The move was like a caress, heating my bare skin.

He slowly lifted his gaze, tilted his head as he considered me. “Then why did you bid on the date?”

There was something about you. I found you attractive. I wanted to get to know you better. “I wanted to help out Kids Speak.”

He let out a breath. “I’m happy you’re—” he cleared his throat, “not an enthusiastic fan or a cleat chaser…”

His voice dropped on the word chaser. I snorted, covering my mouth with my hand to cover the unladylike move. “I don’t know what that is. I’ve never chased anyone.”

His eyes sparked. “Is that so?”

I nodded, a smile playing on my lips.

I’ve never been attracted to athletes. Their size or large muscles never did it for me. It was his turbulent brown eyes that intrigued me. I wanted to sift through the shadows, weighing each one before turning them over in my hands.

I wanted to know what he thought of me. I hadn’t anticipated the attraction flowing through my veins, hot and heavy. Did he feel it too?

“I’m glad you’re the one who’s here.”

He arched a brow, leaning back in his chair to consider me. “Why is that?”

“You’re interesting. You’re a bit of an enigma. You don’t grant many interviews. You’re a man of few words.”

His gaze was steady on mine. “If you don’t watch football how do you know all of that?”

“I looked you up online.” I shifted in my seat, hoping he never found out I requested him tonight.

His shoulders relaxed slightly, his lips tipped into a smile. “I’m at a disadvantage because I don’t know anything about you.”

I was certain the team had done a background check on me, but otherwise he was probably being honest. “Like I said, I bid on the date because I wanted to support Kids Speak. It’s such a great organization. Do you do much charity work?”

He looked away before his gaze returned to mine. “Honestly? I don’t. I’m focused on football. Lena insisted I come.”

I hid the disappointment that he didn’t want to be here. “Why is that?”

“I don’t like the attention.” He looked at the window.

He was a professional player, famous at least in this city. He should have erected a wall between us. Instead, he’d given me honesty, a glimpse into him.

It made me want to know more about him. Why was he so private? “I would think that would be a requirement for your job.”

His jaw tightened. “I want to play football, collect a paycheck, and live my life away from the media.”

“That’s understandable.”

The way he held his shoulders stiff, his eyes narrowed on me, felt like a warning.

He probably wouldn’t be amenable to my desire for him to be the spokesman.

The waitress paused at the edge of the table. “Can I get you something to drink?”

“Water please.” I needed to be sharp for this evening. I thought it would be easier. He’d be an egotistical player. I’d flatter him, promise him positive media attention in return for his name, a few occasional appearances. Instead, I wanted to know why he craved privacy, why his eyes were haunted.

“Same.” Reid’s eyes never left mine as the waitress turned to leave. “Do you want something?”

I swallowed to cover the dryness in my throat. Suddenly, I wanted something else like his calloused hands on my skin, his lips on my neck. “Why do I have to want something?”

He flipped his hand in the air. “They all do.”

Guilt seeped through my skin, making me itchy and uncomfortable.

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