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August Freebies

Fall sports start for us here this week. We have one child in travel baseball, three in soccer, and one in tennis and piano. We're going to be busy, but we love sports so it's will be fun too. I don't know about you, but I find time to read no matter what's going on in my life. It's a great escape, so let's get your weekend started off right with free books! Enjoy!

It's been years since I last saw Ethan. I never imagined the muscular, tattooed man he'd grow up to be. But no matter how hot he was, I had to resist the temptation he presented.

I needed to focus on making my boutique a success for my son and me.

Any desire I felt for him quickly shifted to annoyance as he began targeting my shop. He claimed it was a cluttered eye sore driving customers away from his hardware store. I couldn’t understand why he was so bitter toward me. For the sake of our businesses, and my heart, could we find a way to get along, or would our rivalry turn into an all-out war?

My whole world turned upside down when I got custody of my 6 year old niece, Kayla. One day I was a wealthy, well-respected college dean, and the next day, I was trying to figure out how to tell a little girl her parents are dead and I’m her new guardian.

Cowboy Jack Rydell watches the woman pull onto his ranch and somehow knows that trouble has come to his three brothers, his two sons, and most of all: to himself.

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