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Are you teasing me?

“Are you teasing me?”

Finn chuckled, his large hand moving to my back, making me feel small and delicate. “A little bit. It’s fun. Plus, you’re in my arms, and I like it.”

I swallowed. “I like it too.”

What was happening? The entire night felt surreal. Like we weren’t really here. It was a dream where all our responsibilities and worries fell away, and there was nothing but us. Two people who genuinely liked and respected each other.

I dropped down so that the heel of my shoe was flat on the ground again, my hands on his biceps. His forehead dropped down to mine. “What are we doing?”

Our breath mingled together, and he moved slightly back to see my face. “I’m not sure.”

Whatever it was felt reckless and a little bit wild. My heart beat erratically in my chest. His eyes searched mine as if he were searching for permission.

“I want to—”

I moved my arms, dangling them around his neck, and we both inched forward, our eyes closing. Sparks went off in my head, and every inch of my body tightened in anticipation.

When his lips finally pressed against mine, I sighed into him.

I needed this. The connection. The soft press of his lips. And then he was moving, soft sweeps of his lips across mine until they parted, inviting him in. Hope bloomed in my chest as his tongue danced across my lower lip and inside, finding mine.

I pressed my body against him, feeling him from thigh to chest. Hard against soft. His hands gripped my hips, making me want more. His hands on me, his weight on top of me. I wanted everything.

But a horn beeped in the distance, reminding us of where we were. I was supposed to be working, keeping an eye on the reception, and available if anyone needed me.

I stepped back and smoothed my dress, poised to bolt. “I should get back.”

“Of course.” He watched me as if I’d run off at any second.

I should have walked to the exit door and walked down the steps to the ballroom, but instead, my body crashed against his as I pulled his head down to meet mine. This time, our teeth clashed, and his hand lifted my thigh so he could press against my core.

I moaned against his lips; it was too much, yet not enough. I wanted more. When he angled his hips a second time, letting me feel how hard he was, goose bumps raced over my skin.

No matter how crazy this was, I wouldn’t stop it.

His kisses were frantic now, wet and open, as he wrapped my legs around his waist and carried me over to the wall of the bar and pressed me against it.

I sighed into his mouth, lost in the moment. We were the only ones here, and I let everything go. Who he was to me, his sister, my job. Nothing else mattered except chasing this feeling. This growing knot of tension in my core. I needed him to ease it.

“Please, Finn,” I murmured against his lips.

“This is crazy.” His voice was strained.

Yet it was exactly what we needed. He ground against my core, and I felt every inch of his hard cock through his slacks and my panties.

I fumbled with his zipper, but he brushed my hand away, shoving his pants down and my panties to the side. My head fell back as he slid his cock between my folds.

“Do we need a condom?” His voice was low and husky, full of need.

I should have said yes, but instead, I said, “I’m on birth control, and I’m clean.”

“I’m clean too.” And then the tip of his cock slipped inside, and my mouth dropped open. How could this feel so good?

I’d never done anything so crazy in my life, but I needed more. I wiggled my hips, urging him to go deeper. With a single thrust, he was seated deep, and I bit my lip so I wouldn’t cry out.

“I want to hear you. Give it to me,” he said as he pulled back and thrust inside.

My back pressed against the unforgiving wall; I was teetering on the edge of an orgasm more powerful than I’d ever experienced before.

I chanted his name as he increased the pace, dipping his hips to press inside me. With each thrust, he rubbed against my clit. The friction built until I couldn’t stop myself from falling over the edge.

I cried out as his arms tightened around me. My forehead fell forward to rest against his as he thrust once, twice more, and let go.

“Fuck.” He filled me with his cum, the warmth sliding over my pussy and thighs. He slowly pulled out, helping me get steady on my feet before he reached for a napkin by the bar. When he cleaned me, a pang went through my heart. It was sweet.

What we’d just done felt like something more than I’d ever done with anyone else before, but it couldn’t mean anything. Not given who Finn was and what he wanted. I stifled the desire for more and pulled my panties in place, straightening my dress.

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