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You'll never believe this...

I'm going to tell you a few secrets about The Way You Are.

The entire time I was writing Jake & Lily's story, I kept telling my husband it read like a Hallmark Movie (with more spice of course). These characters first appeared in the Second Chance Harbor Series and they've been in my head for a long time.

Lily inherited her grandparents' farm that came with her grandfather's prized possession, a sports car in the barn. It's a reminder of the day he first met her grandmother.

Lily needs to clean out the barn to host weddings. I was writing it at Christmas, and when my parents visited, I mentioned how I needed a 1960s sports car that would still be sought after now. I envisioned Lily asking Jake who's a mechanic to take a look at it, fix it up, and sell it for her. But the problem was-he wanted it. This is the car he's been saving up for his whole life. It's his dream to buy it for himself.

Then my mom told me a story. Her brother/my uncle won a 1965 Tiger Gold GTO in a contest at a shoe store. The history of the GTO fit my book, and the story itself was so unbelievable, I had to include it.

But that's not even the best part, I mentioned how much Jake wants this car. But when Lily shows it to him, he can't take his eyes off of her.

Guys, there's this scene in the barn on the hood of the GTO during a storm. It's the single best thing I've ever written. This book is the best book I've ever written. Jake & Lily are perfection. Mark my words, this book will be a movie one day. And you can say you've already read it.

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